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 Server Info Lineage II Interlude

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Server Info Lineage II Interlude Empty
PostSubject: Server Info Lineage II Interlude   Server Info Lineage II Interlude EmptyMon Aug 18, 2014 4:25 pm

Lineage II Interlude Server L2Indo

Features :

Rate Exp : 200x l Rate Party Exp : 2x l Rate Adena : 50x
Enchant Weapon 70% l Enchant Armor 65% l Safe Enchant +5 l Maximum Enchant +20
Weight Limit PvP&PK System Color l Auto Event l Wyvern Mode
Olympiad System l Castle System l Weeding System
Max Ally 11 Clan l Max Declare War 15 Clan l Max Buff 42 Slot l Max Durasi Buff 2 Hours
Max Subclass 3 change l Command Aktif .pvpinfo l .deposit l .withdraw
/unstuck 20 second l .pmoff l .tradeoff

Website : www.l2indo.com
Client Download : www.l2indo.com/download/
Register ID Account : Auto Register melaui game. ID , Password dan Klik Login
Register Email : Setelah memilih karakter akan muncul tanda Register Email
Kapasitas Server : Maximum 2.000 Online Player

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Server Info Lineage II Interlude Foto-1
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Server Info Lineage II Interlude
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